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Simple speak introduction for Terms of Service You’re busy. We get it. So we’ve summed up our Terms of Service in a few simple sentences. They don’t replace the official legal stuff, but they will give you an idea of what’s in there. Any questions or concerns – please contact us. Here are the headlines (imagine them with a clock bonging in the background if you like): You have to be 16 to use our tools. Your content is yours – you own it, and you are responsible for it. We’ll only do what’s needed for our services to work properly... ...unless you are doing something illegal, in which case we can block and/or delete your stuff, and suspend your accounts. We may make changes to our terms, service from time to time. If you have an account and don’t like something we change, you can always cancel at any time. And we should mention that you use our service at your own risk; we are not liable for any damages if things go wrong. And that’s it. Seems fair right? You do you, we’ll do us and everything will be fine.

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W-File share is a Free Product from WhopMe. Users can upload and share file link or E-mail upto 2GB for free.

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